HS-1 Hedge Trimmer Rack - Open Trailers

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The HS-1 will secure and protect both single and double edge hedge trimmers of any length. The vertical position uses less trailer space and stores the trimmer up and out of the way, preventing damage. Trimmers with blades 24 inches and longer can be locked in place by simply attaching a standard padlock to the blade. A "thru hole" for a locking pin can be used to secure shorter blades.

    • Thick, replaceable rubber pads protect gear case and power head.
    • Heavy gauge steel post and sheath.
    • Plated finish stands up to the elements.
    • Includes SC-1 heavy duty stretch cord.

This rack is also available for an enclosed trailer through our SO-1 Hedge Trimmer Sheath.

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    • SO-1 and HS-1 Instruction Sheets


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