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Secure a single trimmer quickly and easily using the TT-Single. Also works great for pole saws. It’s fast and easy to use and it’s just as secure as our other trimmer racks. A standard padlock can be installed to help prevent theft. Constructed from a heavy gauge metal and powder coated for years and years of service.

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    TT-Single Trimmer Rack Instructions Page 1
    TT-Single Trimmer Rack Instructions Page 2
     CS-1 Cradle Support Kit Instructions


Included with your trimmer rack is a length of plastic spiral wrap (TT SW-1) which can be installed onto your trimmer shaft(s) to add additional protection where the shaft contacts the rubber cover on the racks hooks. Cut the wrap into approximately 6” long pieces and wrap it around the shaft near the trimmer head where the shaft rest in the hook. See pictures below.


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