AK-4 Adapter Kit

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(Not recommended for Stihl Blowers)

This kit is required to store certain backpack blowers on the TrimmerTrap BR-1 and DB-1 backpack blower racks. Please see the BR-1 and DB-1 pages to see if this accessory is necessary for your backpack blower to work on the specified rack.

Note: some blower models require the installation of a special AK-4 Adapter Kit for use with BR-1 and DB-1 Dual Blower Rack. The following list is correct to the best of our knowledge, however manufacturers sometimes add new blowers to their product line or modify their existing blowers.

    • Kawasaki KRB 650B, KRB 750A and KRB 750B.
    • Echo 403, 413, 460, 461, 610, 620, 650, 651, 750, and 751.
    • Husqvarna 356.
    • Shindaiwa EB802, EB802RT, EB854, EB854RT and EB8520.

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    • AK-4 Instruction Sheet Page 1

    • AK-4 Instruction Sheet Page 2


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