ST-2 STIHL Blower Rack (500 & 600 Series)

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Patent # 7849557

The ST-2 is the only rack designed specifically for the Early Style STIHL 500 & 600 Series blowers. Simply set your blower on the lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the "sliding lip" to, slide under the handle. Complete installation by pulling the ball knob on the rack and lowering the "sliding lip" over the blower. The blower is secured at the top and bottom and will not move around.

   • Extremely fast "in and out time."
    • Locks with a standard padlock.
    • Heavy gauge welded steel construction is plated for corrosion resistence.
    • Mounts to open or enclosed trailers.
    • Our RC-4 Rubber Clamp is perfect for securing the STIHL 500/600 series blower tubes.

NOTE: Holds ORIGINAL Style STIHL 500, 550 & 600 series blowers ONLY, does NOT hold new style 500,550 & 600 series that have black grate on the bottom side or old style 300 & 400 series or new style 350,430, 450 & 700 series blowers.

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    • ST-2 STIHL Blower Rack Instructions


    • ST-2 , video 1
    • ST-2 , video 2



2019 STIHL Compatibility Chart

ST-2 STIHL Blower Rack, 500 & 600 Series

The ST-2 can be installed on an enclosed trailer (shown below) by simply adding a spacer behind the upright bar in order to provide the proper offset from the wall to allow the slide mechanism to function properly.



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