ST-5 STIHL Blower Rack (800 Series)

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The ST-5 blower rack is the only single blower rack designed specifically to hold the STIHL BR-800 X and 800 C-E back pack blowers. Simply lower the blower onto the rack so that the “bent pin” on top of rack slides into the slot in the top of blower frame while simultaneously guiding the bottom of blower onto the hex couplers on the base plate. Note: There are recesses in the bottom of blower frame (where the straps attach) that engage the hex couplers. Blower should come to rest on the base plate and bent pin at the same time. Install the lynch pin into hole in the bent pin to secure blower.

    • Extremely fast "in and out time."
    • Locks with a long-shank padlock.
    • Heavy gauge welded steel construction is plated for corrosion resistence.
    • Mounts to open or enclosed trailers.
    • Our RC-4 Rubber Clamp is perfect for securing the STIHL 800 series blower tubes.

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    • ST-5 STIHL Blower Rack Instructions

2019 STIHL Compatibility Chart


ST-5 Protective Pad. Install to BR-800 blower as shown using the four nylon ties provided.


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